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The Dotted Line: Culture and Motivation

45961826a926d3589c843c08_306x220The February 2014 issue of The Dotted Line features news + resources for creating a culture that motivates. A full version is available online. Subscribe to receive future issues in your inbox.

A Culture that Motivates
Corporate culture drives your organization’s performance, so neglecting it – or sending mixed messages – are not options.
The formula is:
1. Values create the culture.
2. Culture drives organizational performance.
3. Improved performance leads to increased employee motivation and satisfaction.
This thoughtful and thorough piece in strategy+business dissects the components of a truly effective culture. The only thing that matters: whether or not the culture you create drives performance.
Netflix’s now-famous company culture deck reveals that excellence is the goal. “We keep improving our culture as we grow. We try to get better at seeking excellence.”
Science of Motivation
In this TED talk, learn what science has proven are the top motivators for employees. (hint: it’s not money)

Then consider whether the culture you have motivates or demoralizes.

Start with Stories
Defining the culture starts with identifying your organization’s values.

Rent the Runway used a storytelling exercise described in the Wall Street Journal to pinpoint its values. Then, it started living them. The subsequent culture shift has dramatically improved employee engagement and retention.

Make the Connection
A Connected Strategy links values to culture, ties culture to performance, and aligns performance to motivation.

A Connect the DOTs Review will jumpstart the process. Inquire today.

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