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Business Storytelling Training to Lead Change

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Podcast: Business Storytelling Training

I returned to Jesse Lahey’s show Engaging Leader, to continue our discussion about strategic storytelling. In our first discussion, we talked about how leaders can harness the power of storytelling to improve their ability to influence, inspire and engage.

In this training, we get more into the nuts and bolts of business storytelling.  During the 25-minute podcast interview, I share with listeners how four storytelling frameworks will improve your ability to lead change. We get into the specifics of the story types and their role in change.


Change the Way You Lead Change

The podcast content is designed to provide practical and actionable information. Anyone who needs to be persuasive in the workplace will find tips that they can use right away.

You can listen from the website, download the podcast to your computer, or download it in iTunes. All the options are on the Engaging Leader website.


Business Storytelling Essentials for Leading Change

Engaging Leadership Podcast about Storytelling for Business Leaders Who Lead Change

Jesse Lahey hosted me on his Engaging Leader podcast to discuss why storytelling works in business when change is afoot.



During this 30-minute exchange we cover business storytelling essentials for leading change, including:

  • the impact of change fatigue on change initiatives
  • the art and science of business storytelling
  • how to convince skeptical business leaders that storytelling is effective
  • how facts change minds versus how stories change minds
  • the role of facts in business storytelling
  • how to construct a business story
  • the power of story to transfer idea ownership
  • the role of empathy in changing minds


The episode is available for free and immediate download here and on iTunes.


Connected Networking Works

This morning, while searching my email archives for an address, I came across a message from 2011 that illustrates just one of my many personal successes with business networking:

Dear friends.

In many ways, a modern professional is only as good as her network.

During my recent international job hunt, my network surprised and
delighted me with its strength and reach. The kindness you offered —
perhaps solely on the recommendation of a connection two, three or
more times removed — will be repaid many times over.  My
long-standing commitment to assist others with  job search advice,
resume forwards, tips about unpublished openings, etc. was reconfirmed
as a result of your benevolence.

I’ve safely landed in the UK and accomplished my goal of securing a
corporate communications position with a large global company prior to
my arrival .  This week I started at SAP, where I am
[guiding employee and executive]communications
for the EMEA region.

Thank you again for your assistance.  And rest assured that with me in
your network, you will always have somewhere to turn for support!


This note is proof that I believe in the power of business networking. In fact, I landed every job on my career path, and every consulting client as well, by business networking in a way that I call Connected Networking.


You can, too. An article just posted on SimplyHired features an interview about using Connected Networking to aid your career. In it, I share non-obnoxious ways to keep your job search on your network’s radar.

SimplyHired recently made me an expert contributor to their blog on corporate culture, change management, employee engagement, and business networking topics, so expect to see more from me. If you can’t wait for the next post, then download a free copy of  my Fool-Proof Guide to Jumpstarting Your Transformation into a Person of Influence.

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