Storytelling for Leaders

We all need better ways
to influence, build engagement, and inspire people to take action.



Executives and managers who are responsible for leading change, championing initiatives, and heading teams need their ideas to stick.

Our Storytelling for Leaders program develops participants’ story skills to do exactly that.

We know that stories are engaging – we tell them informally and people listen, they ‘get’ what we are saying and they remember it. Yet few people in business systematically harness the natural power of story in the workplace.

Storytelling for Leaders shows participants how to use the three key areas of story-work – storytelling, story listening and story-triggering – to influence, engage and inspire people.

Learn the Three Dimensions of Story-Work

Designed for Business Leaders

Storytelling for Leaders is business focused, practical, and designed to provide skills that can be applied immediately

Storytelling for Leaders will teach you how to:

  • Communicate by making your message stick
  • Overcome entrenched views by changing behaviors using Influence Stories
  • Build rapport through Connection Stories
  • Gain valuable insights by understanding what’s really going on using story-listening and sense making
  • Connect people with the big picture by engaging customers on co-creating Clarity Stories
  • Communicate business value using Success Stories

Storytelling Solves Business Problems

Cut Through the Noise

Don't let your point get lost. Use storytelling to make your message memorable.

Improve Engagement

Inspire action while giving employees confidence that the company is headed in the right direction.

Align Teams

Teach your team to say 'no' to distractions that are counter to your business strategy and 'yes' to moving faster toward corporate goals.

Manage Change

Explain not just what is changing, but why the change is important.

Model Good Behaviors

Turn your abstract values, priorities, and operating procedures into concrete examples.

    Select the Experience That Meets Your Needs

      • Public Workshops

        Occasionally, public workshops are offered to bring together leaders from a variety of industries and sectors. The training is effective for developing individual communications skills or for leaders who would like to experience the workshop before bringing it to their company.

      • In-house Training

        Storytelling for Leaders is most often hosted by organizations to train teams or entire divisions. The program can also be added to corporate training academies.  This approach is particularly effective for teams working through communications challenges and culture issues.

      • Executive Coaching

        Executives who want to learn proven communications techniques to use in the boardroom, behind the podium, or across the desk can participate in private training. This individualized approach allows leaders to practice applying the skills to their current leadership challenges.

      2016 Public Workshops

      No U.S. workshops are scheduled at this time.

      Workshops being held around the world are listed here.

      Three Active Learning Opportunities

      It’s this focus on practice and connection that starts in the workshop and continues through the six-month active learning program that makes the difference.

      Schedule a Pilot for Your Team

      The best way to introduce Storytelling for Leaders to your company is with a pilot.
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      What Others Are Saying

      • Loyal and Enthusiastic Supporters

        Storytelling for Leaders has a Net Promoter score of 65, which puts the program in the league of Zappos, Amazon, and Harley-Davidson in terms of customer loyalty.


      There’s loads of value in the workshop and it’s been a useful part of my leadership development activities. In my role as Chief Sustainability Officer I’m often using stories about how our clients’ thinking has shifted around sustainability… they’re often very powerful. The workshop has given me ideas and tools for actively including stories in presentations to give people a better sense of who I am and what I stand for, as well as to illustrate key messages. I know they’re having an effect because of the feedback I receive – that they reflect an authenticity that is engaging – and because I hear people sharing these same stories.

      - Dr. Nick Fleming, Storytelling for Leaders participant

      I walked through downtown that morning not sure whether this meeting would prove to be worth my time ... but after 15 minutes of listening to Amanda Marko, I was learning new ideas and practical tactics.  I think we all need reminding: our job is not to just send out information, but to shape the story ... because "whoever tells the best story -- wins."  Amanda's presentation is fun, inspiring and loaded with data (and stories) to convince anyone that strategic storytelling is essential in business communication.

      - Gay Eyerman, workshop attendee

        Expected Outcomes

        • influence without the benefit of authority
        • deliver clearer, more memorable and inspiring communications
        • build rapport and connection
        • engage with others and establish relationships
        • explain things in ways that connect with different audiences
        • argue the issues without alientating others

        About the Presenter

        afm capitolAmanda Marko
        President and Chief Connection Officer
        Connected Strategy Group

        Amanda Marko sees the world as a connected place and aspires to reduce the degrees of separation between each person from six to five.

        Technology leaders and business executives from around the world have looked to Amanda for communications coaching and strategic guidance during times of change. For a dozen years she worked every one of her dream jobs in corporate communications – from running the communications office of a United States Senator, to heading the communications departments of both a massive economic development organization and a global leader in the plastics industry, to living in England and guiding executive and employee communications in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for a multinational software company. The one constant through these positions was her role as the lead communicator responsible for messaging and coaching senior executives through incredible periods of change and disruption.

        Amanda networked her way into every position on her career path, then went on to found Connected Strategy Group to concentrate on helping leaders make powerful connections that increase their influence and the effectiveness of their business strategy.

        Amanda’s employee engagement and change leadership consulting practice is complemented by storytelling work. She was the first in the U.S. to partner with Australia-based Anecdote to deliver their Storytelling for Leaders program. The course and subsequent deliberate practice program has taught leaders from blue chip, global firms techniques to better influence, engage, and inspire others.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        • Q.What do you mean by 'leader'?

          A.Anyone who needs to influence, engage and inspire others is a leader. That means all of us.

        • Q.Do you have a separate program for executives?

          A.The Storytelling for Leaders is equally effective for all types of leaders, from mid-level managers to executives.

          One-on-one coaching is available for executive who want to learn and practice these proven communications and leadership techniques. Inquire today.

        • Q.Can you bring Storytelling for Leaders to my company?

          A.Yes. Corporations including Shell, IBM, and InterContinental Hotels Group have sponsored Storytelling for Leaders for teams, entire departments, and executive leaders. Some companies offer Storytelling for Leaders as part of their corporate academy or professional development curriculum. Inquire for more details.

        • Q.I don't like getting in front of groups of people. Does this require public speaking skills?

          A.The storytelling we’re teaching isn’t performance art. It’s designed to be used in a business-setting – across from your boss’ desk, around a conference room table, during a meeting with your team. However, leaders who give speeches will also benefit from the storytelling techniques when speaking to large groups.

        • Q.What do you mean by 'storytelling'?

          A.We’re not talking about epic tales or folklore. The stories that are most effective in the workplace are short – maybe 90 seconds. You could call them ‘examples’ or ‘anecdotes’. The unifying factors are that they are about a specific moment and they make a business point.

        • Q.Who created Storytelling for Leaders?

          A.Storytelling for Leaders was developed by Australia-based Anecdote, known around the world for helping leaders make their strategy stick using storytelling.

        I realized the importance of having a story today is what really separates companies. People don’t just wear our shoes, they tell our story.

        — Blake Mycoskie
        CEO, Tom’s Shoes