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How to Find Stories to Tell: Free eBook

My partners Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk from Anecdote have written a book that draws on their more than 10 years of business storytelling expertise to help leaders find stories to tell in the workplace.

From the introduction:

People want to know what their leaders stand for. What do they care about? What have they done? What are they capable of doing? And most importantly, what are they likely to do next? That’s why people will listen when a leader tells stories that reveal their own character, stories that can then be shared. This happens all the time – naturally.

Even if you recognize the importance of storytelling, sometimes it can be difficult to identify good stories to tell.

Drawing from your own experiences is the best way to authentically lead. This new eBook contains 170 story-eliciting questions that will help you build a story repertoire. The questions cover 34 categories, including diversity, trust, courage, and loyalty, and are designed to help you recall stories that shaped your style and define your value system. The better you are able to communicate what is important to you and why, the better you will be able to influence, engage, and inspire.

 The free 47-page eBook is available for immediate download.